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  • Big News for fans in the USA, Ireland and the UK.

    (The current publication only focuses on the US release of the episodes) (Disney will be removing all Disney Channels accross multiple networks due to their focus on Disney +) - For the UK and Ireland, Disney Channels on the Sky Network have been removed. Today is the big day, as we have the very first episode of Miraculous Season Four, "Truth", airing today, on June 21 on Disney US. We also have other episodes airing on the following dates for Disney Channel US: June 22: Lies June 23: Gang of Secrets June 24: Mr. Pigeon 72 June 25: Furious Fu June 26: Sole Crusher July 3: Queen Banana July 10: Guiltrip July 17: Optigami July 24: Sentibubbler July 31: Rocketear

  • What we Think of SOLE CRUSHER & OPTIGAMI!

    Just few days ago, before this post was published, the Official Miraculous YouTube Channel released some new clips of the Episodes; "🐞 SOLE CRUSHER" & "🐞 OPTIGAMI". We got a glimpse into what is coming up for the next two episodes of season four! And in this post, we will be analysing both trailers to see what we've got coming up soon from the latest episodes in the series. SOLE CRUSHER During our analysis of the Sole Crusher episode, we get to see one of the new characters of the season, Zoé. She is Chloé's half-sister. While she is in the car with Chloé, Chloé makes some rude remarks about her, commenting about her fashion-ware being bad/outdated, and you know, typical Chloé stuff... even though we have seen Chloé wear the exact same clothes for the PAST FIVE YEARS! - says who for not changing their fashion! Anyway, this gets her Akumatized, and gets her turned into Sole Crusher, which looks like a Giant Chloé by the way! I am not too fond of this episode's villain, as it does not look as inspiring or even as imaginative as the previous episodes from other seasons. The powers that this new villain holds, is when it steps on someone, they gets transported into another dimension, kind of like the "Pixelator" episode. You guys can let us know what other episodes that this is similar too, and how you guys feel about this entry into the series in the comments below. We do not get any good views on Marinette's new costume sadly. OPTIGAMI In the start of this, we see that Marinette and her friends are on their way to watch a show of Adrien's. Maybe another one of his fashion shows, we hint this, because of Chloé's Mother being there. Image: The Guys On Stage The highlight of this episode is how hawkmoth is digging deeper, and finding out new ways into how he is to find out Ladybug, and Chat Noir's identities with the addition of the Optigami, which is a strange sounding name, but it is, as described by, that the "Optigami is a butterfly or moth-themed spy camera Sentimonster created by Mayura to find out the identities of Ladybug and Cat Noir." - MORE INFO HERE Image: Optigami Chloé's Mother once again gets Akumatized, and is spreading havoc once again onto the City of Paris. This episode is not really anything special, and it is starting to get a bit repetitive, seeing old villains being reused like this. When Chloé's Mother is fighting with Ladybug and Chat Noir, we see how Mayura are using the Optigami, using computer screens to intersect on the fight, and giving Hawkmoth more instructions. Image: Optigami Intersection Conclusion We do not think that Hawkmoth has gone too far yet to figure out their Identities, but we have seen a lot of interesting additions to the villains side of things, such as the Optigami. These episodes do not bring so much of anything new to the table, but do show well of how the episode is maturing throughout each and every watch. But sadly, as to how we feel in our opinion at this moment, these episodes are not the best from the series, not the most interesting, we wish to see something more entertaining and new in the future episodes. I guess we'll have to watch the whole episodes later, and write down a proper review on both of these, but don't hold your breath, because if the trailer is not making you excited, then that means that these episodes from this show are not going to blow your mind away when you see them. But we are still looking forward to what's coming around in season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug. Written by Sebastian Anthony Noonan Tan - Owner/Founder of Extromnia Studios and Adrienette News.

  • What to expect for season 4 in Miraculous?

    We are starting to see a-lot of hints that Adrienette is finally going to happen, but we are not yet so sure if that it will happen in season 4. But we are hoping that it will happen, as we have been waiting for literally ages for this moment in time to occur! Lets analyse what we've got in the latest video from the Miraculous official YouTube channel; The first 8 seconds on the video shows Adrien going to the pool for a swim, and Marinette with Kagami later taking a look at him as he goes in for the first dive. When the video continues, we see, as Adrien attempts to dive, a sudden flock of birds fly past him when Xavier Ramier, - the bird guy, blows the whistle, causing Adrien to loose in his concentration and make a sudden plunge. This then gets Xavier Ramier into trouble, then gets him upset which in-turn gets him transformed into MR. PIGEON for the 72nd time. This episode is nothing special, and is only telling the story about how Marinette will get the brand new Ladybug Suit we've all been waiting for. And finally, when we have reached the end of the Trailer, we get a glimpse of Both Hawkmoths & Ladybugs new Appearance! Hawkmoth Ladybug in the New Suit Ladybug in the New Suit

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  • Latest News on Miraculous Ladybug! | Adrienette | Miraculous Ladybug News!

    Next Episode! Mr. Pidgeon 72! Advertisement {•}Kitty Charminster{•} 2 days ago 1 min New Superhero in Guiltrip! Our Synopsis on Guiltrip! - Read this! Rose is one of our new hero's for Season 4 of Miraculous! She is needed in Guiltrip because her... 38 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked 2 days ago 1 min More Spoilers For GUILTRIP! (WARNING! SPOILER!) The title of this episode, Guiltrip, stands for - Guilty-Trip, which basically means that Juluka, the one that is now akumatized, is... 30 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked 3 days ago 1 min The Official #Roblox and #Miraculous game has just been released! Hello, #Miraculous and #Roblox fans! We just got the news that the Official Roblox game for Miraculous Ladybug has Just been released! It... 4 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked 3 days ago 1 min The Latest Spoiler From GUILTRIP! WARNING (SPOILER!) Here is a cool image from the episode, taken from Gloop! The image here shows Adrien and Marinette, supposedly talking to Juleka... 110 views 0 comments 2 likes. Post not marked as liked 2 6 days ago 0 min Yes, it will happen, at the end of season 4... 2 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked 6 days ago 0 min Latest News From Miraculous World Network 2 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked 6 days ago 0 min 🤔 - What's going on between them two, huh? 4 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked 7 days ago 1 min Adrienette! What episode is this from? 5 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked {•}Kitty Charminster{•} 7 days ago 0 min Jeremy Zag showed another spoiler from the movie awakening, chat noir giving a flower to ladybug 16 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked {•}Kitty Charminster{•} 7 days ago 1 min Who's up for the new outfit for Ladybug in Miraculous Season 4? We got to admit, that this new outfit looks stunning! But what about Chat Noir? I guess we'll have to see about that! What do you guys... 12 views 0 comments Post not marked as liked Instagram! @Adrienette.News Welcome to Adrienette's News website! This is where you will find all news from Miraculous Ladybug, taken from official sources! We may include spoilers and information for upcoming episodes! ​ So far, we are working on getting some cool information on Season 4 of Miraculous Ladybug and the Shanghai Mini-Movie! ​ We hope that we can build a community together, share information with each other, and most of all, hope for Adrienette to happen! Use the Buttons Below to Navigate our Site! Season 4 Miraculous Official! Shanghai

  • About | Adrienette | Miraculous Ladybug News!

    About We are all about Miraculous Ladybug! We publish the latest news we find on Miraculous Ladybug, all from official sources! We are a trustful team of three, and are up to the task of keeping everyone on top of the rock, and out from being hidden under a rock for special events! We have always been interested in Miraculous Ladybug, and this is why we have built this site to share what we love most about Miraculous Ladybug! ​ This site is run by Extromnia Studios. Adrienette News! Explore! Donate To Support Us!

  • Cookies Policy | Adrienette | Miraculous Ladybug News!

    Cookies policy Written By Extromnia Studios Updated: 26/02/2021 The Extromnia Studios Cookies Policy What are cookies? Cookies are a means of/for a packet of data that a computer receives and then sends back without changing or altering it. A computer cookie always consists that of information. Whenever you are to visit our website, you will be given a cookie. This cookie on your computer is sent to you when you click the “I Accept” button when visiting the website for the first time. The cookie cannot download itself unless you click accept. Your computer stores it in a file located inside your web browser and not in your main HDD/SSD(Storage). (To help you find it, this file is often called “Cookies.”) When you click “I Accept”, this allows our website to keep track of your activity throughout the site. For example: When you Accept Cookies, and when you add something to your cart, this allows the website cookies to keep track of your activities to make sure that the item in your cart stays in your cart after each new click of a link. If you did Not Accept cookies, then if you added something in your cart, and then clicked on another link on the website, chances are that the item in the cart will disappear because cookies aren’t allowed to keep track of your activities. How is Activity Tracked? When Cookies are tracking your activities, they can only do so in limited function on the website only. In limited function means that we Cannot Track Your IP Address or View Your True Location. Also, under normal circumstances, cookies cannot transfer viruses or malware to your computer. Because the data in a cookie doesn’t change when it travels back and forth, it has no way to affect how your computer runs. Where to look to enable or delete cookies Here’s how to find and manage your cookies in order to protect your privacy online: Open your browser. Because cookies are stored in your web browser, the first step is to open your browser. Popular browsers include Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Internet Explorer. Find where cookies are stored. Each browser manages cookies in a different location. For example, in Internet Explorer, you can find them by clicking “Tools” and then “Internet Options.” From there, select “General” and “Browsing history” and “Settings.” In Chrome, choose “Preferences” from the Chrome menu in the navigation bar, which will display your settings. Then expand the “Advanced” option to display “Privacy and security.” From there, open “Content settings” and “Cookies.” Manage your cookies. Every browser gives you a range of options for enabling or deleting cookies. Internet Explorer, for instance, allows you to manage cookies under “Privacy” and “Advanced.” In Chrome, find where cookies are stored as outlined above, then select your management options under “Cookies.” Banning all browser cookies could make some websites difficult to navigate. However, a setting that controls or limits third-party and tracking cookies can help protect your privacy while still making it possible to shop online and carry out similar activities. (Source: ) How we respect your Privacy! We take good consideration when handling personal information. We will never sell or distribute personal information, or any information that can identify you as a person. Make sure to never give information to people you cannot trust!

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